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About Mangere Pony Club


We pride ourselves on being a friendly, supportive community that welcomes riders of all ages + abilities and their families. 

Located on the cusp of Ambury Regional Park, Mangere Pony Club facilitates and encourages the development of riding and horse management skills and the achievement of NZPCA certificates by our members.  Our members ride in weekly ‘rallies’ during the summer season and we have a mix of riders at all different certificate levels. At each rally members are split up into groups and coached in riding and horse management skills by qualified instructors.



Mangere Pony Club riding members generally have their own horse or pony. Overall, Mangere Pony Club is a fun and supportive environment for children who want to own their own horse or pony. We also have a few adult members who are always willing to help the younger ones.

We hold our rallies on Tuesday evenings with a wide range of riding abilities attending. We have both grazing and non-grazing members and are excited to announce our new 'Riders Without Horses' program that has started as of May 2021.

There are also inter-pony club team competitions each season which Mangere members are encouraged to enter. At these they get the chance to compete against teams from other pony clubs in the Auckland and Manukau districts and these are always a lot of fun.The club runs competitions each season, many of which are open to riders from outside the club.  Our first One Day Event each season typically draws entries in excess of 150 competitors.  Other events held at the club include show-cross, dressage days and ribbon days.  


Mangere Pony Club has excellent facilities to help our members develop and grow in their riding (see ‘Facilities’) including two arenas and a full cross country course. Mangere Pony Club provides on-site grazing for our members but not all members graze on site.  Non-members can also use our grounds when conditions permit by paying a $25 ground fee. 

Mangere Pony Club does not offer horses or ponies for people to ride.

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